Up until recently Indonesians -- the straight ones at least -- scarcely gave homosexuality much thought. Most were blithely unaware of it or wrote it off as a private proclivity and that was that. When I first arrived in Indonesia in 2012, for example, transgendered women were a common sight on Jakarta’s streets. But a wave of anti-gay hysteria starting in early 2016 pushed most lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered Indonesians to the margins. Politicians banned gay student groups from university campuses, police conducted raids on gay saunas while ignoring neighboring (straight) massage parlors. Suspected lesbian couples were driven from their homes. These acts of discrimination are so common English language media struggle to keep up. This blog attempts to change that, chronicling the discrimination and abuse of Indonesia’s LGBT citizens for a foreign audience to call attention to the dire circumstances of most gays and lesbians here. Hopefully there will be some good news mixed in there, too. But the way things are going those incidences will likely be rare.